Obesity Causing More Deaths Of Pregnant Women And Increase In Birth Defects

Australia As per a latest study, increasing obesity is causing to more number of deaths of pregnant women and an increase in birth defects. According to Associate Professor Rebecca Kimble, data from the Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital illustrated an increasing trend in overweight or obese pregnant women. The analytical data reveals that from 2008 to 2012, one-fourth of pregnant women at the hospital were overweight and another 20% were obese. Prof.
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Content about Obesity

September 12, 2013 Drug maker Eisai has launched a new support and savings sold on this program for patients using a weight-loss drug that it makes. September 11, 2013 Nearly all doctors say that the sharp growth in Type 2 diabetes around the world and the obesity epidemic are linked to excess sugar consumption, according to a new report by the Credit Suisse Research Institute. September 3, 2013 The Walmart Foundation is donating $1.29 million to the Institute for America’s Health to expand its anti-obesity program at schools in major cities, the IAH said. August 29, 2013 Study uncovers new groups at risk of influenza complications new moms and obese people New mothers and obese people, two groups not typically regarded as risk groups, were found to have a higher risk of death and other severe outcomes from influenza, according to a global study sponsored by the World Health Organization that was released Tuesday.
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What is the Treatment of Obesity?


The effects of long-term use of these drugs have not been determined. There are many over-the-counter diet pills available for weight loss. These contain ingredients that can increase heart rate and blood pressure. These are not recommended as these are associated with several side-effects, such as feeling jittery, nervous and having heart palpitations.
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