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“clothing For Chairs” Lets You Reuse And Update Your Furniture

Or if you just get tired of it? MocoLoco show us Chair Wear , in which the designers ask: “Why buy a new chair when you can dress up the one you have?” Marleen Sleeuwits The designer, Bernotat&Co , explains how it is a different way of looking at upholstery, sort of clothing for chairs. Chair Wear started as a mildly ironical joke, and ended up in a very inspiring new way of looking at furniture upholstery, of seeing it as a separate item, leading to new constructions, productions techniques and materials. Marleen Sleeuwits The Hoodini is flexible and practical: The multifunctional Hoodini – baggy storage space when hanging over the back of the chair and a privacy screen when pulled over the sitter’s head like a hood. Marleen Sleeuwits Knit-Net, essentially a chair cushion, it’s made of specially developed 3D knitwear inspired by the protective foam net packaging of expensive apples. So much of our stuff just gets thrown out, when all it really needs is a new coat.
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From English city, clothing store owner serves much of the Western media with news from Syria

He claims to have rarely gotten web link it wrong, saying he could think of only two cases in which he overstated casualty figures. Other mistakes, such as confusing a car bombing with a mortar strike, were more common, but in every case he insisted errors were corrected. “We’re human, we make mistakes,” he said. “But it’s our intention not to repeat them.” A LEADING NEWS SOURCE Abdurrahman’s accuracy matters because so many news organizations use his reporting. A review of stories published by three major newswires, including The Associated Press, over the past year show he’s cited more often than SANA, Syria’s government-run news agency. Experts attribute the exposure to Abdurrahman’s non-stop publication schedule, and the fact that so many observers are barred from Syria and that others are at risk of kidnapping or worse.
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Innovative Financing Is Reviving The Great American Film

gravity trailer space

Studio slate-pruning has led movie stars and top directors to realize that creative challenges and keeping a full dance card require embracing independent financing and filmmaking as never before. That means settling for a different compensation structure.Marc Schipper, chief operating officer at Exclusive Media, said that the company would not have been able to finance Rush had director Ron Howard and star Chris Hemsworth not deferred their upfront salary in favor of backend participation, allowing the filmmakers to put more of the racing dramas $38 million budgetonscreen. Also read: Tom Hanks and Robert Redford Return With a Vengeance no credit check electronics After a Lost Decade Even major studio movies like Sonys Captain Phillips and Warner Bros. Prisoners were possible because major stars were flexible.
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Armada Oil, Inc. Announces Financing and Operational Update

More information about Armada Oil may be found at . Forward-Looking Statements Certain statements in this news release, which are not historical facts, are forward-looking statements. These statements are subject to risks and uncertainties. Words such as “expects”, “intends”, “plans”, “may”, “could”, “should”, “anticipates”, “likely”, “believes” and words of similar import also identify forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are based on current facts and analyses and other information that are based on forecasts of future results, estimates of amounts not yet determined and assumptions of management.
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Vols Present Beads Of Courage To Patients At Children’s Hospital

‘Plastic micro beads’ to be removed from soap

You may be using exfoliating soap or body wash that contains small plastic particles.

Football players from theUniversityofTennesseevisited Childrens Hospital at Erlanger to present Beads read this of Courage to pediatric oncology patients.The Vols wore Beads of Courage on their shoestrings during the Tennessee-Georgia game and presented those beads to the pediatric cancer patients this week. More than 30,000 children coping with serious illness participate in the Beads of Courage Program that gifts children with colorful beads, which symbolize the many treatments and procedures pediatric patients endure as they cope with serious illnesses. Members of the team who visited Childrens Hospital made bracelets from the beads with pediatric oncology patients wholesale beads and their families. The beads worn by the Vols during the Tennessee-Georgia game are known as Act of Courage Beads. These are special handmade beads given to honor and acknowledge milestones in a childs treatment journey.
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Scientists: Meteorite Beads Oldest Example of Metalwork

Egyptian Iron Beads-Meteoric.jpg

A Sign of Ancient Welding In addition to being the oldest discovered artifacts made from meteoric iron, these beads provide novel insight into Egyptian civilization that predates the Iron Age by 2,000 years. Rehren says the beads are the earliest known sign of metalwork, suggesting that people at that time had already mastered the art of blacksmithing. (See: ” Egypt Mummy Pictures: Scans Show Ancient Heart Disease .”) The beads were created from rolling a very thin sheet of metal into a tube. Because meteoric iron is as tough as stainless steel, the process is precise. The brittle iron must be cooled extremely slowly to make sure it does not crack.
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“We still don’t have a very clear handle on the quantities that organisms might be ingesting,” Thompson said. There is no evidence yet for harmful effects on humans, but there hasn’t been much research in this area, Thompson said. Create a cranberry face mask Thompson applauded Unilever’s action to address the issue. He pointed out that the plastics will not degrade over time naturally, so more and more of them accumulate in the environment every year. “I think the potential for broader harmful effects — a wider range of organisms, potentially including us — is only going to increase unless we do something about it,” he said.
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