Glass shower door an attractive and safe choice

This luxurious shower design by Century Bathworks, Inc., features a custom Century Frameless steam shower door in brushed bronze, shown with an optional towel bar, robe hook and steam vent.

Plus, todays shower doors are manufactured using tempered glass. Its tough to break, and if it does, there arent any sharp, jagged edges, just pebble-size pieces that pose little risk. Tempered glass is mandated in most localities by code, so that you must use it to pass inspection. Door Types There are basically two types of shower doors – framed (in aluminum or enameled metal) and frameless. Both come in many standard sizes and configurations, though they can be custom-made to fit any application. Within these two categories, you can choose between doors that slide from side to side (also called “bypass doors”); space-saving pivot doors, which operate without hinges; or rounded or angled doors, suitable for small bathrooms or tight corners.
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Shower Door Glass Thickness Matters

This manufacturing defect is a ticking time bomb. Faster than an eye blink the entire piece of glass is obliterated into a thousand pieces and then it drops. We checked with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and more than 60-complaints since 2004 involve reports of injuries, surgeries and settlements because of exploding shower doors. Meshulam believes there are thousands more unreported cases from people, like the Albertsons, who had no idea this could happen. I didnt know this was a possibility. Were just lucky no one was in the bathroom, says Albertson. Heres what you can do to check your shower: Look for cracks especially around the edges of the glass.
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Investigators: Glass Shower Doors Can Shatter With No Warning

Tis The Season

I heard this big bang, this big boom, said Malinski. I couldnt enter all the way because theres glass all over the counter,in the sink, on the floor. Her mother was cut on her hands and face. Even though tempered-glass shower doors are supposed to break into small pieces to prevent injuries from larger, sharper pieces of glass they can break in bigger shards. That is what happened to Larry Kucharik,who was injured while cleaning up the shattered glass from his shower door. I just tapped the top of it and a chunk of it came down and hit my ankle, said Kucharik, whose ankle is still scarred. It started bleeding, and there was a lot of blood all over the floor. The U.S.
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Shattering Shower Doors

Tempered Glass Glass shower design is typically made with tempered glass, given its safety value. Its made by heating flat glass to approach its softening temperature and quickly chilling it with cold air. This process produces highly desirable conditions of induced stress and results in additional continue strength, resistance to thermal stress and impact resistance. This means it will never break into sharp, jagged edges, but rather, it forms small oval pebbles. Decorative Elements If youd like to include a decorative accent strip on the inside of your shower walls, select one that does not have heavily textured or severe raises in the finished surface. Its important to make certain these elements arent placed in areas where edges of the glass would come into contact.
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